• Introducing the World to the Beauty of Motorsports

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Introduction to Motorsports

The world of motorsports can be confusing to anyone who is not an ardent follower. There are different categories of motorsport where each category has its subcategories and classes. Add to this the different levels of competition in motorsports and you begin to see why one of the world’s most popular sport can be quite confusing.

It is not that difficult to wrap your head around motorsports. You just need to develop some interest and soon everything will be right on your fingertips. From a general perspective, motorsports encompasses a collection of sporting events or activities involving the use of motorized vehicles and motorbikes as well.
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The Big Three Motorsport Events

There are many different kinds of motorsports taking place across the world. However, there are only a handful major motorsports categories engaging in seasonal international competitive activities. These motorsports categories attract millions of fans from across the world as they also involve international participants. The major motorsport categories in operation include:

· Formula 1 Grand Prix
· GT Sports Car Racing
· Motor GP

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Which will be your event?

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 is a category of motorsports involving single seater open wheal cars tweaked and designed for speed. An annual Formula 1 championship season has about 19 to 20 races that take place in different international venues. Each Formula 1 season is known as a Grand Prix. Formula 1 races usually take place in closed race circuits.
In the Formula 1 race, competitors consist of the driver and his team that is involved in developing the car and supporting the driver’s race on the track. Some of the notable teams in Formula 1 include Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, and McLaren. Drivers Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel are examples of Formula 1 drivers belonging to the Mercedes and Ferrari teams respectively.
In Formula 1 races, drivers and their teams compete for first place where they all earn points depending on the finishing position.

GT Sports Car Racing

GT racing is also a category of motorsports involving the racing of enclosed wheel cars. GT races also involve a driver working together with a team to achieve first place and thus gain more points. GT races also take place in a closed circuit.
The GT car racing competition consists different classes of racing competitions taking place under the GT racing banner. This perhaps contributes to the confusing nature of GT sports races given that there are a variety of classes to follow.
There has been many GT race classes over the years many of which are not in existencetoday.The Current GT racing classes include GTE, which is the highest level of GT racing. The GTE class is further dividedinto GTE-Pro defined by manufactures and GT-Am designated for privateers. Cars in the GTE class must match to predefined specifications.
The GT3 class is the next GT racing class below the GTE class. This category is much simpler in terms of driving and specification when compared to the GTE class. This class caters for training and armatures as is the case with GT4, which is much lower in terms of car specification and driver experience.

Motor GP

Motor GP is a category of motorsport that involves the racing of motorcycles. Motor GP races also take place on a closed circuit. As is the case with the Formula 1 competitions, each championship season in Motor GP is known as a Grand Prix. The concept of teams and riders also applies in Motor GP racing.
Some of the notable teams in Motor GP racing include the Ducati teams, the Honda team, the Suzuki, and the Yamaha teams. As expected, teams and riders compete for first place.
This introduction to motorsports can therefore help you come to terms with the confusing nature of motorsports. As already identified, it takes some little interest to start understanding the world of motorsports. Fortunately, once the sports grows on you it will be much easier to follow and understand the sport.

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