November 7, 2017

Why more americans should donate their furniture

Every American find the need to buy new furniture after using their furniture for a while. Sometimes you didn’t get the right kind of furniture you intended to buy prompting you to buy new furniture to replace the ones you currently own. Sometimes you just want to make space for your new baby or your children have just outgrown their beds. At this point, it becomes a problem keeping the old furniture as they occupy a lot of unnecessary space that may be used for other items or activities. You do have a choice of selling the furniture, but it is more beneficial to donate the furniture because of numerous reasons.

The donated furniture is used to help the less fortunate in the society. Some individuals are poor, and cash traped to buy comfortable furniture for their families. The little bed that you have donated can be of great help to a family that didn’t have a bed to sleep on, the table donated can be used to help a struggling student to study peacefully.

During natural calamities some Americans and non-Americans are displaced, these pieces of furniture can help them enjoy the comfortable life they so much need before settling down. Therefore, your donation will help so many families have a comfortable life that they would not have had without your help.

It is also worth noting that donation of furniture¬† to Pick Up Please Gladstone can be of great financial help to the donor. The donor can claim tax returns on the current price of the furniture they have just donated. This amount can also be deducted from the donor’s tax at the end of the year. This tax deduction can be a great way to reduce an individuals tax burden.

For those who may not be having the time and resources to move the furniture to the recipient of the donation, I have good news for you. Numerous organizations are willing to come to your doorstep to pick the furniture you are willing to donate making it very convenient to donate any bulky item such as furniture. You only need to find out the organization that can quickly reach you and then informs them to come and picks the furniture.Therefore transportation of the furniture should not be a reason to stop donating your unused furniture.

Donation of unused furniture also saves on space that can be used to some other important activities. Selling second-hand furniture may be hard, and it also fetches less money compared to the original price, hence to avoid selling the furniture at a throwaway price it is more beneficial to let the piece of furniture serve a noble course by helping others who can not afford the furniture. It is more fulfilling to donate to charity than having a small percentage of the original price.

More Americans should, therefore, strive to donate the pieces of furniture that they no longer use as the benefits are numerous both To the society and the donor. If more Americans donate their unused furniture more individuals who are less fortunate will have a chance to enjoy the comfort that they could not afford, leading to better living for everyone in the society.