May 4, 2018

Divorce can happen to anyone


Divorce is not something anyone would wish to go through but the reality is up to a third of marriages end up in divorce. Even if we may not like it, we never know what the future holds for us and if it can happen to other people, it can also happen to us. In case you are heading towards that unpleasant direction, it’s advisable that you seek the services of an attorney no matter how much you believe you don’t need one. To understand why let’s look at 5 dangers of not having a great divorce lawyer orĀ family law attorney on your side.

1. Your law knowledge is limited

The divorce process is a complicated one and requires somebody who is thoroughly conversant with the laws and procedures involved. Unless you’re a lawyer representing yourself, you obviously have limited knowledge of the process which can work against you in the case. A great lawyer is able to evaluate your situation and give you options you may not be aware existed and help you get a good deal.

2. Lack of objectivity

Let’s face it, divorce is a very emotional process for both parties and when emotions are involved it can be very hard to be objective and make the tough decisions. You may be so focused on getting what you want and may not want to give up some things due to the feeling of ‘being cheated’ but a lawyer is able to look at things objectively and negotiate the best possible deal.

3. Expenence

A great lawyer has extensive experience and will usually know the most favorable way to proceed with your particular case. You as an individual may not be aware of the best options because sometimes cases do not need to make it to court as alternative mediation avenues can be pursued, but a great lawyer does and will advise you accordingly. A lawyer will also have interacted with judges on previous occasions and knows how to handle courtroom politics

4. Handling paperwork

Legal proceedings involve a lot of important paperwork that judges rely on to come to their decision. There are a sizable number of forms and applications to be filled and filed with the court clerks, a process which can be cumbersome especially for someone who’s not done it before. Mistakes and errors can occur which can be interpreted as malice by both thejudges and the opposing party. With a lawyer, however, everything will be smoothly handled and everything will be in place during the court session.

5. Mental and emotional turmoil

There’s always a lot of anger during divorce proceedings due to the history of the parties involved. They usually experience feelings of loss, betrayal, abandonment and even have residues of love at the same time. Due to this, sometimes things get explosive. In the midst of these emotional states, not having a lawyer with you with an outsider perspective may affect your case negatively as you may not be able to handle yourself well if things go out of hand.

If you’re divorcing or heading towards divorce, no matter how agreeable the two of you are it’s best to seek services of a great lawyer. Obtaining good representation is in your best interest especially when it involves children and property.