September 29, 2017

Divorce in Singapore

Getting divorced has become an alarming problem in Singapore. People are dissolving their marriage in much higher rates as compared to previous years. In fact, it is increasing year to year.

The divorce rates in Singapore continued to rise in 2016 too. The official website has shown the data in percentage. According to the data, 7,614 couple get the divorce in 2016. The total number of divorces in 2015 was 7,522 only. So, the divorce rate increases by 1.2 percent in 2016.

The number of divorces is rising from 2015. The rate is rising because of increasing of the dissolution of civil marriages. According to the statistical data, nearly 5855 marriages were separated in 2015. Within the marriages, Muslims divorces are 1702. Therefore, it has a major role to increase the rate. In 2016, the total number of case dissolved is 5912. So, more people get the divorce in the year.

The number of marriages is decreasing because of the decrease in civil marriages. According to the statistical data, there were 28,407 civil marriages in 2014. However, the total number decreased to 27,971 in the year 2016. It shows people are started living alone instead of being married. However, the Muslim marriages increase to 5,954 from last year 5,778.

Remarriages are common in the Muslim religion. However, the rate is also decreasing because of the situations. The rate decline of remarriage is 28.8 percent in 2016. However, the rate was 35.3 percent in 2006. It has reduced significantly within ten years. It indicates the Muslims are also not interested in remarriages in the recent decade.

Only 16.6 percent men want to marry again after the first marriage separation. However, according to the Statistics on marriage and Divorce references, only 14.8 percent women are interested in remarriage. As a result, the rate of remarriage is also declining due to the increasing rate of divorce in Singapore.

In the previous year, the couples who get civil divorces, interested to marry again within nine years. The rate was 31.1 percent in 2015. However, the Muslim couple’s rate was 55.3 percent after the first divorce.

The main reasons of increasing the divorce rates in Singapore are unreasonable behavior and having lived separately for more than three years. However, the reason is a bit different for the Muslim marriages. The couples are getting the divorce because of marital affairs.

Moreover, the older couples are getting the divorce than the young couples. According to the statistic data, divorce rate after 45 years old is 42.3 percent in 2016. However, the rate was only 31.4 percent in 2006.

Whatever the condition is, it is an emerging problem in Singapore. The authority should take proper steps to reduce the divorce rate. Otherwise, it will also leave a negative impression on the kids.


As the rate is increasing every year, it is important to encourage the people not to get the divorce. Singapore government is trying to create awareness of inspiring people to get a long lasting married life.

In our content, we tried to give you all statistical data collected from the census department of Singapore. If you are getting married, you should try to get a good partner for a happy life. Also, you need to know the basic conditions before file a divorce case in Singapore.