May 5, 2018

What is the H11H ID CONVERSION?

We know that light is the most important in life, we cannot see anything without light. When we are in the house then we light the bulbs in the night. The bulb is equally important when we go out in the night when the blood goes out in the night. Most of the time, there is darkness on the highway or any other road in the night, we need light, in which the light of our car is an important contribution, but sometimes the lights of our car do not give much light that could be seen far enough. Therefore, some light companies such asĀ produce such bulbs that are very far and wide in the darkness, so that our journey is safe.

Some such companies produce luminous bulbs, which have enough luminous light, such bulbs are 100% waterproof. These bulbs are of more quality and have a 2-3-year guarantee too.

There are some key features of these bulbs, which are as follows:

  • These bulbs are waterproof up to 100%.
  • This luminescence exceeds 80-90%.
  • They have the capacity to provide clean lights up to 300-700 meters.
  • They can be put in a very simple way in any car.
  • These can be easily plugged and plugged in
  • almost all cars without cutting.
  • It is installed in 15th
  • These work tremendously enough to light up the voltage far enough
  • These are high quality and strong bulbs. It works with 100% digital print
  • Before selling it in the market, all such bulbs are checked by certified technicians so that there is no problem in any bulb. This bulb has a size of 10 inches long. It consumes 1/2 of the power from the bulb. This bulb is called halogen because it works like a halogen. These bulbs come up to 35wat 55 watts 110 watt.

There is no need for any amendments in this. This bulb produces 1350 Lm of the lumen in 11 halogen bulbs. And about 3,000 Lm is produced in 11 HID kits, which gives you enough luminance.

This bulb removes the UV rays coming from the Sun, and it does so only in few minutes so that you can see it in clear light.These kits are developed by our in-house engineers who work closely with our specifications with the manufacturer Sneak balls is said to be because they use the latest digital technology so that the ballast unit can be much smaller than many other kits, making it incredibly easy to hide in your vehicle. If they are in the show, then the brushed aluminum with the braided cables will look at the house in any engine bay.

Or the bulbs are planted in almost all types of cars these fogs also work like bulbs. Since when there is more haze then it becomes very difficult to clean then these bulbs are needed.

If you want to buy this kit, then you can buy it from any car shop. And you can even apply it to them. It is so easy to apply that you can put this light in your car with the help of the kit present in it.

It can be purchased online or in a car decor shop. This light is a bit expensive but if you put it in the car, it increases the speed of the car so much that your journey is safe.