August 27, 2017

Tips on repairing scratches on car paint

A car can be a prized possession for many. If you are one of them, you will probably try out every possible way to keep your car free from any scratches, leave alone dents. No matter how hard you try, once your car is on the road, it will get fine scratches sooner or later. Scratched car paint completely mars the beauty of the car.

If you ignore these abrasions and do not take measures to remove or repair them, your car will look awful. However, repairing these scratches without damaging the entire paint is a tough task. You can either do it yourself or get it done by professionals. So, what is automotive repair paint?

To explain this question, here are some steps to assist you to repair your scratched car paints easily.

1. Wash the car with soapy water so that dirt is removed from the surface and you can carry out the repair process without hindrance. There might be wax as well, which can be a cause of interference. Remove that with wax remover and leave it to dry.

2. Use a sanding block and 2000 to 3000-grit dry/wet sandpaper to sand the scratched area. When you sand, cover one or two inches of the area nearby the scrape. You can use a shoe polish to mark the scrape and keep on sanding, till the polish is removed. This way, you can avoid making new scratches. Use a fiber towel to remove the sanding remains.

3. Apply a plastic putty knife in the scratched area to fill the scrapes with a body compound. As per the manufacturer’s advice, give the required time for the compound to harden. Now use 2000-grit sandpaper to sand that area till it’s even. Dust off the sanding remains like before.

4. Ensure to use a masking tape in covering the areas nearby the scrape, so that you don’t paint them by mistake. When covering, leave some area around the scratch. Now, use an automotive primer to spray on the scratched area. To avoid blotches, spray it evenly. Let it dry overnight.

5. The next step for scratch repair would be to find the matching car paint. You can find the color code on your car’s door frame (on the side) or in the glove compartment. Now you have to take help from your local auto body shops in Sunbury or elsewhere in your neighborhood, to find the exact color match. If you provide them your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), they can conduct a computer search to find the matching paint. You can find VIN on the driver door jamb, in the trunk under the spare tire or on the driver’s side dashboard.

6. Use the applicator brush in parallel strokes to apply the car touch-up paint evenly. First, smear a light coat of paint and allow it to dry. You may put as many coats as you want, till the color exactly matches with the rest of your car paint. Keep a 5 to 10 minutes gap between the coats.

7. To remove any uneven areas on the repaired surface, gently sand the area, using 1000-grit sandpaper. To make the surface completely smooth, follow it up with 2000-grit and 3000-grit sandpaper respectively.